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      Generate new leads and

      realize your growth potential.

      We help companies generate leads through innovative digital marketing with a data driven & analytical focused approach.

      How We Do It

      A new approach to marketing that reaches your customer at all stages of the funnel with innovative, data driven strategies across all digital channels.

      Data Gathering

      We identify the opportunities that we can bring to your wider business strategy


      Invest in a world-class growth team that executes your strategy.


      Develop a data driven strategy that aligns with your goals.

      Measure & Tune

      Analyze the performance of your execution, and invest in improvements where necessary.

      CMG takes care of it all, leaving our customers to focus on their products and services.

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      If you have any questions not found on the site, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

      What Is Digital Marketing?

      Digital marketing is simply marketing a brand through the internet. Digital marketing all accommodates search engine marketing, SEO, social media marketing, link building. It basically entails online brand exposure and eventually selling online and this is better done via responsive websites.

      Do Small, Local Businesses Need Digital Marketing?

      Yes! No matter how large or small, if you have a business, you need a website.

      And if you need a website – and you want it to help you make money – you need marketing.

      If you don’t plan to take orders, reservations, or even customer questions on your website, it still has a role to play. Google uses information from your site to answer queries from users on mobile devices traveling near your business.

      What Is SEO?

      SEO which is search engine optimisation basically involves enhancing the content structure of your responsive website as well as its composition. This is to increase the online visibility of your website through means of proper indexing by search engines.

      SEO extends into any promotional effort to improve your rank among search engines. One of the most effective SEO techniques is link building, where other websites link to your website.

      What Is PPC?

      PPC is the same thing as Pay Per Click. This is a system where the advertisers running a particular ad pay the responsive website owner for space to place an ad. So the advertisers pay the owner of the website anytime visitors of the website click on the ad.

      What Is The Best Return On My Digital Investment?

      This question is actually a whole bunch of questions rolled into one.

      How much should I invest in improving my website? What is the right balance between SEO and PPC? Should I be investing more in mobile? How aggressive should my PPC strategy be? What keywords promise the highest return?

      CMG accounts for all of these questions. We create strategies based around your budget in order to get you the best ROI for your digital marketing campaign.

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