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      Today’s consumers are more sophisticated and more critical than ever. The days of forcing marketing messages into their faces and reaping the benefits are long over. The internet has changed everything, and online consumers have unprecedented choice in how and when they interact with advertising. That means that the old brute force push-marketing methods simply don’t work anymore – at least not on their own.

      That’s where Cunningham Marketing Group comes in. At CMG, we have an unparalleled understanding of modern consumers, what drives them, and what kinds of campaigns will not only reach them but resonate with them. We use that understanding to develop and execute finely tuned, data-driven marketing strategies for our clients, and we do it with great success thanks to our unique, holistic approach to digital marketing.

      The importance of the term “data-driven” can’t be overstated when describing what we do at CMG. The old adage “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” is as true today as it’s ever been, but the internet has revolutionized the types and amounts of data we now have access to. Knowing what data to collect, how to analyze it, and how to apply that analysis to marketing and advertising is the difference between successful campaigns with high ROIs and wasteful campaigns that bleed budgets and strangle cash flow.

      As a full-service firm, not only do we provide strategic consultation and campaign design, we also fully manage the execution side, allowing us to ensure that the strategies we develop are executed to their full potential, maximizing the client’s return. That includes everything from media buying, to content creation, to social media management, and more. CMG takes care of it all, leaving our customers to focus on their products and services.

      One of the most important aspects of managing a campaign is monitoring performance and making adjustments to leverage what’s working and fix what isn’t. That constant fine-tuning keeps the entire ship on course, minimizing campaign costs, boosting reach and engagement, and ultimately maximizing customer acquisition and ROI. Our team at CMG are highly experienced in using the analytics from websites, social media profiles, and PPC advertising to ensure that we deliver our clients the best performance possible.

      One of our agency’s greatest strengths is our ability to look beyond the marketing department to really understand the needs of our clients. Our wide-ranging experience on the business side of things complements and augments our marketing expertise, providing us with the big-picture mindset that drives CMG’s success and, most importantly, the success of our clients.

      In today’s highly dynamic digital landscape, there is no one-size fits all solution for any company’s marketing needs. Our team at Cunningham Marketing Group understands that, and we strive for client-centricity so that we can truly understand each of our clients’ needs, the markets they operate in, and what makes their customers tick. The result is better strategy design, more effective marketing campaigns, and greater returns for our clients.

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